Trader J's Auction is open every Friday night at 7pm for live auctions of general merchandise, food/groceries and good used merchandise.
Trader J's Auction is open the first Saturday of each month (except July & January) for live estate, business and household liquidation auctions.
Jan Jones, owner of Trader J's Auction, is a licensed real estate salesperson with Duggar Realty. We can provide full service estate, business and household liquidations including all personal and real property.

If you need to liquidate an estate, household or business here is some helpful information!

Trader J's Auction offers a variety of ways to liquidate both personal and real property. We are happy to come and visit with you on site to evaluate your property and discuss liquidation options.  
This service and consultation is completely free of charge.  Once you decide to contract with us, your worries are over!  Our professional staff will handle all of the sorting, packing, moving, marketing, staging, cleaning of inventory to sell and the actual selling of your items.  
We do not auction or sell pornographic material, firearms or vehicles. If associated with an estate we can auction vehicles.  We operate on a percentage (commission) basis that is set on a sliding scale and that we will discuss with you during our consultation appointment.  Estates, households and businesses that have a perceived value of $5000 or more are typically contracted on commission.  Those that are below $5000 are typically purchased outright from the owner if a price can be negotiated that is acceptable to both parties.  
Trader J's does not co-sign individual items or small lots of items.  We do not clean houses/businesses after items have been removed.  Trader J's can hold auctions on site or move your items to our auction house.  
Please contact us if we can be of service to you and know that you will receive the most professional service in the auction industry!